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Pig together push 'credit' flying pigs hotel standard output to the industry in the future

Date: 2018-04-26

On April 24, short rent the pig flying pigs with alibaba group travel brands announced a deep strategic cooperation, with the help of a flying pigs mature system of "credit", the pig will provide users with "no and lived before they pay" service.In addition, the pig quality home stay short rent homes will also be connected to the flying pigs home stay facility short channel, consumers soon flying pigs can also direct booking on pig short rent, also can experience the "credit".
Since the flying pigs future hotel strategy, released in 2015 since the launch of "credit", has more than 10 m hotel to join the "credit", "no deposit, from queuing, from rounds" flying pigs future hotel "credit" has become a new industry standards.
Flying pigs, meanwhile, big data shows that more and more young users, travel on short rent a home stay facility, to experience different local features.In order to better serve the needs of users, flying pigs short rent category has been added, at the same time will accumulate the travel credit system reverse output to partners.
After bilateral cooperation, as long as achieve flying pigs according to ali big data comprehensive evaluation standards, and sesame seeds into a certain score, can be used by booking the pig home stay facility "credit", no deposit, at first, after payment.
Pig houses all partial implementation platform "after the first live pay", the first batch of 50000 sets of houses has been opened, located in Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, chengdu, hangzhou and other 50 cities in China, overseas properties will be launched into the countdown.
Huang Yuzhou flying pigs, vice President, hotel division general manager said that as an important sector of ali tourism layout, flying pigs have been based on the ability of users to share, data marketing, ali in the lodging industry to upgrade consumer experience, the strategic cooperation with the pig, widen the flying pigs "credit" product application scenarios, and the extension of "future accommodation", believe that the pig Shared accommodation market leading position in China with its rich experience, combined with professional insight, flying pigs would promote the evolution of the short home stay facility rental experience to upgrade.
Pig short rent, co-founder and CEO Chen Chi say this cooperation greatly reduces the tenant threshold when experience Shared accommodation products, solve the hesitation in the decision making process, concerns.The past five years, the pig is always walk in the front of the innovation product experience, "we will cooperation with flying pigs as a starting point, the future with more mature technology, promote the development of Shared accommodation.