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Sunac plans to build a theme park in Liuzhou, Guangxi

Date: 2020-10-18

The total planned investment is about 7 billion yuan.

According to media news on October 16, on October 14, Guangxi Liuzhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary Zheng Junkang and Mayor Wu Wei met Sun Hongbin, chairman of the board of directors of Sunac China Holdings Co., Ltd., and his party at the Lotus Villa. Sunac will build a snail powder town in Liuzhou Theme park, Liuzhou Sports Complex and Liuzhou Children’s Park project.

According to reports, since Sunac first entered Liuzhou in 2017, it has developed and constructed Liuzhou snail powder characteristic town and 4 real estate projects, with a planned total investment of about 7 billion yuan.

According to previous reports by the new media of View Real Estate, on April 11, 2017, Sunac entered Liuzhou for the first time with 362 million yuan, and acquired Liunan’s homestead at a transaction floor price of 3851 yuan per square meter. At that time, the news stated that foreign houses in Liuzhou Companies already have Poly, China Resources, Wanda, Evergrande, Sanpower, Greentown, Country Garden, Jinke, Lianfa, Shengtian, Ronghe, Yunxing, Zhangtai, etc.