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637 million people travel, travel agency is not assigned to a piece

Date: 2020-10-27

The traditional pattern of mileage and group tour will be shrinking market space.

Just after the National Day, Mrs. Zhang preoccupation with peak travel."My husband and 15 days annual leave this year are useless, work at ordinary times is very busy, no time to do strategy, now have time to leave, but doesn't even have a direction, let alone how to play.If someone can give us any idea, to provide some solutions and help our custom travel."

Also lost many, director of the travel agency.Past National Day golden week, although according to the statistics in already close to 80% before the outbreak of the quantity, but the travel agency is not assigned to the share."We have a lot of tourism resources, but during the long holiday because most tourists choose to travel around or domestic free line, submitted to the group of tourists."

Ms zhang confusion, actually most of the travel agency can one-stop "clean", the cost is not high also.Just spend 5% of travel expenses, can enjoy a trip to say come away travel exclusive.

637 million people travel travel agency is not assigned to a cup of soup

In early September, hangzhou citizens jiang, a booked to see iminqak in mesozoic-cenozoic.The children learned the language textbooks in iminqak, we want to take her to see.But near the holiday, for the sake of epidemic prevention, we can give the province plans to visit, to drive in the province after leave."According to the culture and tourism, according to data during National Day golden week this year, the national 637 million person-time, reception of domestic tourists back to 79.0% year-on-year.Zhejiang statistics, National Day eight days off, a total of 54.451 million person-times of tourists, compared with up to 80.5%."Small long vacation period, although a lot of people travel, road trips, free line of big.The perimeter of the home stay facility in zhejiang province, generated by the business is booming, some brand hotel also quick recovery, but with the group tour is very few.We several travel agencies in private disk data, of all the staff travel, almost negligible with group tourists."Signs show that after entering the outbreak period, will change from the traditional mode, travel agency transformation is imminent.

Customized travel may be to promote an opportunity

"Although the environment impact on the development of the whole tourism industry this year, but I'm still very optimistic about the future market."Them.we are interesting post cruise, the head of the 2017 involved in tourism industry, thought that the line soon encountered the outbreak.Successfully on the tourism market, it's not brag."Company 18 partner no one offered to leave, I also on the lookout for some outstanding sales personnel leaving the company of the travel agency, they have experience and I plan to set up a new department, as long as the tourism industry is fully restored, can enable immediately."

The successfully style is to keep close touch with the customer.Outbreak period she is out of business, selling fast food, now she put all of the employees to sink to the community."Before, we are a wholesaler, almost no contact with a line of tourists, now just know you travel demand is very strong, but also each are not identical.Old man, paternity, high-end or team service, really is multifarious.There is some market, but as long as plan.

And some of the more well-known hangzhou travel agency began to contact with the enterprises and institutions, and unit therapy recuperation projects bidding for meeting."While many years ago in push custom Tours, but in the face of the enterprises and institutions or individuals, the real pay is not much.Outbreak after entering plateau, part of the past is only interested in outbound high-end guests begin to pay close attention to the domestic market, and some enterprises have similar requirements, could promote custom opportunity."

Spend 5% ~ 10% service charge can say go you go

After the outbreak, the outbound travel limits, but citizens tourists travel demand is not reduced."With the needs of the group tour will not disappear, because there is always the consumer is not familiar to tourist destination, or is not good at doing strategy, just needs some high-end customers will prefer" small group ", "private cloud", "personalization" etc."Hangzhou, a large travel agency, said an official with the actually like ms zhang, can through the regular travel agency custom department or directly contact ctrip, flying pigs, such as customer service, not only can customize itinerary, even can be fine to send car to come at any time, midway driving service, can reserve main meals every meal, to change at any time.The travel agency, said, the head of the customization service charge is not expensive, basic is 5% ~ 10% of total travel cost.

In reaction to the phenomenon, zhejiang tourism vocational college professor fu said: rubberized tracks outbreak does give tourism an innovation and self-improvement, the traditional pattern of mileage and group tour market space is shrinking, instead more personality, exquisite tourism products.With the diversification of tourist demand, exclusive custom tourism services will certainly got the attention of more and more people, now is not your's custom, but the products can meet the demand of the guests.But custom tourism products to be widely accepted also need a certain amount of time, also need through the market.