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China's first super yacht made known as sea 'five-star hotel in shenzhen

Date: 2018-08-28

On August 21, cimc group, cimc raffles and company built super yacht Illusion Plus (fantasy) in shenzhen shekou cruise home port berthing a few days later, set off for Europe to participate in the largest international yacht event - Monaco yacht show, their charm to the global customers.The reporter understands, this is the first time a Chinese company built more than 60 meters super yacht design, exhibition will also be in China to Monaco yacht building, write a new page in the history of marks in the field of super yacht design construction, China has firmly established itself as one of the world first-class enterprise.

Be worth what carry is, to build a record of cimc raffles and company had also built the world's most advanced ultra deepwater semi-submersible drilling platform - the blue whale, 1 the platform for participating countries was successfully flammable ice in 2017.

The relevant person in charge of cimc group, said in the Chinese Marine equipment industry the blue whale is innovation of the industrial products, 1 and "fantasy" yacht is another innovation of consumer products.Based on solid design to build strength, cimc will further enrich the product line of Marine equipment, space in the future will be more and more wide.

Spent eight years time, create a mobile home "sea"

Because of the harsh judgment process requirement and quality requirement, the super yacht was the industry known as "pearl on the crown of".In the international yacht industry, generally more than 60 meters yacht was called super yacht.

On August 21 at 9 am, in shekou cruise home port, the ship on August 12, just from yantai opened its first "fantasy" super yacht, parked in harbor quietly at the moment.Cimc raffles and yacht division general manager shao will be good to tell a reporter, yachts, total length of 88.5 meters, 15.4 meters wide, with six decks, space of 3642 gross tonnage, aluminum, steel hull structure is a collection of business, sports, leisure, multi-function in one of the ideal home of "sea".

Into the yacht interior, it has a comfortable layout and structural design also attract attention.The master bedroom to enjoy private suite, guest VIP suite, recreational salons, beach club, for it.Despatch, at the same time equipped with sauna, gym, spa, theaters and other professional facilities.In addition, the yacht stem department which stops the helicopter deck, can provide convenient shuttle service;Equipped with three different types of toy boat at the same time, to explore the mystery of the sea, enjoy the pleasant time at sea."More importantly, the ship adopts the Rolls-Royce rotary electric propulsion system, no redundant configuration DP0 dynamic positioning system, highly automated integration, one person can complete all manipulation."Shao will be good to tell a reporter, the yacht economy speed section 15, 17 section, maximum speed, range 5000 miles, unlimited sailing area.Have classification American bureau of shipping (ABS), within its design, quality, performance, etc all can meet the Europe and the United States of the world's most demanding standards.

Because abroad is yacht consumption market, the reporter understands, mature early, for a long time, the top of the yacht building has been Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, the United States and other countries a handful of firms.Although Chinese companies in recent years, many exploration, but generally are built 30 meters below the little sailing boat.Once in accordance with the standards of more than 60 meters super yacht to design, build the difficulty and complexity will increase multiples into geometry level.

Cimc raffles and became involved in this area in 2010.In 2018, after 8 years more than 240 hours, "fantasy" super yacht finally was born."We participate fully in the foundation design, detailed design, construction design and construction debugging, finally achieve the delivery status and provide after-sales service, go through the whole process of the super yacht."Shao will be a good said.During this period, cimc raffles and set up the team - pride yacht brands also produced many excellent yacht design, and exhibited in the world.In Monaco yacht show, pride yacht is the only exhibition brand in China.

Cimc raffles and yacht business development manager Chen Jingyu is certain to say: "we can create a yacht performance and quality among the world's first-class yacht manufacturing.At least the top 10, even some basic performance is better."