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Shenzhen OYO hotel breakthrough 100 room number 6000

Date: 2018-09-05

OYO hotel in October 2017 in shenzhen, and was started in April 2018, opened the first stop in the domestic market.Just a few months time, OYO hotel speed the development of the industry have raised eyebrows.According to the report, by the end of July, OYO public data online hotel, 1000, the total number of 50000 rooms, in just a month later, the total number jumped to 75000 rooms.

OYO hotel with its performance in the Chinese market of bright eye frequently appear in the public view, the entire south China area is extremely remarkable.The reporter understands, as starting area of OYO hotel enters China, OYO hotel south China regions including guangdong, guangxi, hainan and yunnan four provinces, a total of 17 cities.In OYO hotel has stationed in 140 cities, the country has moved into the city of south China area total quantity is less than the number of 1/7, but by the end of August, the south China area has been online hotel number to 387, contrast OYO hotel market scale in China at present, the south China area has online number has dominated OYO hotel more than 30% of the total number.

Shenzhen online hotel number exceeds 100, the first big city into OYO hotels nationwide scale

Shenzhen starting city for OYO hotel to enter the Chinese market, and even in the whole south China region performance is the most eye-catching cities in China.As the bridgehead of the reform and opening up in shenzhen, between the mainland and Hong Kong as a port city, has always been walking in the forefront of the emerging modern city economic development.Tourism as one of the major pillar industry in shenzhen, frequent business travel activities to drive the rapid development of the whole city hotel industry.From October 2017 in shenzhen, by the end of August this year, OYO launched in shenzhen hotel number, which has more than 100, the total number of more than 6000 rooms, in the 140 cities of OYO hotel has housed, online hotel quantity ranks the first place.

According to OYO hotel in shenzhen city manager Mr Tong, OYO hotel is committed to solve the current situation of the development of economy hotel fragmentation, after 10 months in shenzhen the deepening and development of OYO joined the hotel get shopfronts, management training and information technology solutions, OYO hotel has won numerous small and medium-sized monomer wine appreciation and affirmation of the owner, the struggle in a line of professional operation team and efforts are inseparable.In addition, the "shenzhen speed" more than once, also be used to describe the working efficiency of the shenzhen people, the reporter understands, the recent new network red landmark, shenzhen is located in shenzhen buji jubilee hotel, engineering team will be the facade into a colorful culture wall of coloured drawing or pattern, the entire project time-consuming but five days altogether.

Brand rapid transformation, join the "change" to upgrade

Compared with traditional forms of hotel renovation, OYO hotel abandoned the huge costs, often months of time cost of reform, and at the same time also dismissed the hotel owner of all kinds of decoration and reconstruction expense, margin, engineering support, such as cost, and passed on to the guest room price affect the occupancy rate, in turn, affect the yield.OYO hotel chain brand upgrade, only need to 2 weeks time and extremely competitive costs, can achieve standardization.While, pay attention to provide wine shopkeeper OYO hotel management training and information technology solutions that achieve budget hotel operation efficiency and operating income "double increase".

Reporter interviewed xihuan road is located in buji street OYO silver tour hotel ms Yang, she said, "I met a bottleneck in hotel operation, need to find the effective breakthrough, I have been looking for some new ideas and resources, truly knowledgeable professionals are needed to guide".After exposure to OYO hotel team, the team members in the process of communication by the professional and attitudes, including the resident manager Yang see when not officially went in advance to understand hotel management situation, let a young lady from the bottom of appreciation and recognition OYO hotel operations team."OYO hotel brand support, will let me hotel when in competition with other independent hotels have more confidence, also will make up for the inadequacy of I in the hotel operations".

It has been proved that cooperate with OYO hotel were immediate effect to the promotion of the hotel in all aspects.OYO silver trip at the end of June to complete online, just more than half a month of brand, let the inside and outside the hotel look brand-new, and resident manager for the hotel to provide the standardized management system, and regularly service specification training for hotel staff, hotel operation is now on the right track.The size of the hotel transaction, ms Yang to resident manager to care, almost all completely free.In addition, young women were even more delighted OTA channels for customers to promote, joining former accounted for less than 16%, less than two months time, now has more than 38%!According to ms Yang, "now surrounding range of wine shop owner almost all know I will be consulting with me join OYO hotel, I am also very happy to share with them the story of my and OYO hotel, also sincerely hope that they can get professional team with the help of the".